Massimo Ricciuti berichtet über Fremdenfeindlichkeit aus italienischer Sicht. Er sagt: Xenophobie nimmt zu, vor allem auch im täglichen Leben.

Liberal Words

In this contribution, Massimo Ricciuti talks about Xenophobia, a phenomenon in great growth also in Italy. Even in daily life, discrimination increases

A modern town centre. An elegant street with ancient buildings, some offices, among them there is the Institute Grenoble, the French school which I attended in my younger years, and then there is a bank. I went inside the bank and made a bank transfer, insodoing signing up for the Italian Federation of Human Rights.

With the news that the Helsinki Committee are to open a new office in my city, I’m in a good mood as I complete this transfer. Leaving the bank, I continue walking on this street – that I know very well and where I grew up.

I became then became a witness to a scene. A bunch of well-dressed, good-looking kids surrounded an ethnic minority man working as a florist. They harassed, tugged…

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