ITALIAN ELECTIONS March 4, 2018 – new liberal party “ + EUROPE “ (Più Europa = „more Europe“) takes part – interview with candidates

⇒ Content of this blog: On March 4th, Italy will return to vote to elect  new Parliament Members. Eight ALDE individual members are candidates with the liberal-democratic list + Europa with Emma Bonino. In these interviews we present the first 4 of them. We asked three questions to all of them and one different, about some important topics for Italy and Europe.

Candidates we present today:


Born in Cantù, province of Como in 1974, president of Certi Diritti Association, LGBT Activist.

Member of Radicali Italiani, former president of ALDE Party Individual Members. Candidate for Deputees Chamber at  “Plurinominale” (More name list) in Lombardia 02.


Born in Foggia in 1973, she lives in Turin. Tresaurer of Radicali Italiani, ALDE Party Individual Member.

Leader candidate for Deputees Chamber at “Uninominale” (Single name list) in Turin 02 and at  “Plurinominale” (More name list) in Piemonte 1, Lazio 1, Campania 1, Campania 2



Born in Turin in 1969, journalist, editor in  chief of political study on line magazine “Strade”, ALDE Party Individual Member and member of Radicali Italiani.

Candidate for Senate at  “Plurinominale” (More name list) in Piemonte 1, Piemonte 2, Lombardia 2, Lombardia 3, Lombardia 4.


Born in Milan 1976, she lives in Rome where she works as trainer and consutant in crowfunding sector.

Member of Radicali Italiani and ALDE Party Individual Member. Candidate for Senate at  “Plurinominale” (More name list) in Veneto 01, Veneto 02, Trentino Alto Adige 01, Friuli Venezia Giulia 01, Lazio 02, Lazio 03

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