Fascism Rising? Pay attention to the signs

Gute Gedanken zu einem schrecklichen Thema – wie nah sind wir heute einem neuen Faschismus?

Lothar Birkner

„Fascism, a Warning“ is the title of a book by Madeleine Albright, that recently was published and the time is well chosen, we can recognize in many countries of the world a tendency towards authoritarian forms of government and first signs of a  rising fascism.

Albright is careful to warn against the indiscriminate use of the term „fascism,“ and she very properly begins this book with a discussion of its proper usage and meaning. Beginning with the origins of the term in the early twentieth century, she traces the development of Fascist regimes and leaders who promote Fascism, from Mussolini and Hitler through Stalin (who raged against Fascism while practicing it to an advanced degree) through to the present. Erdogan, Orban, Milosevic, the Kim dynasty, and Putin are some of the many practicing Fascists Albright covers. Donald Trump has a chapter devoted specifically to him, but Albright is not writing a partisan screed…

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